About Us

Elmap d.o.o. was established in 1992. We offer complex solutions and the implementation of demanding projects. From the very establishment, our strategic goal and our measure of success was the satisfaction of both the client and the end user. Guided by this principle, we have successfully executed different projects and solutions with dedication and perseverance. Always striving for even more complex engineering projects, we consistently accept new challenges and adopt new technologies.

Our key areas of activity include:

  • wastewater treatment plants
  • water supply and sewage
  • power engineering
  • industry
  • other infrastructure
  • automation and remote control systems

In doing so, we are one of the leading companies in the region, in the field of waste water treatment, while our activity in industry is represented in its various branches (metallurgy, production of PVC, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, renewable energy and small hydro power plants, cement and oil industry, ...).
These activities are successfully realized thanks to a highly educated professional staff consisting of Master of Science holders, graduate engineers and technicians.  We continuously invest into and cherish their acquired knowledge and experience. We are creative and strive to be flexible and accommodating at all time. When necessary, we engage and collaborate with scientific institutions and highly specialized external associates. We currently have 35 employees, of whom 90% are university graduates.

We are highly specialized in the following areas of activity:

  • electrical and industrial engineering
  • process automation
  • realization of remote monitoring and management systems
  • electro-technical planning
  • installation and initialization of power, management, sensor measuring and computer equipment
  • maintenance of electrical plants and systems
  • supervision and consulting
  • preparation of studies, reports and research
  • performance of specialized measurements, testing and analyses

Wide range of activities and numerous successfully executed projects in past decades guarantee quality and reliability during the performance of even the most complex infrastructure projects. We insist on utmost dedication to the client because his satisfaction is not only our aim but our measure of success. Our reputation, which is one of the most precious values of our company, has been gained trough long-term patient and dedicated work. We are preserving and improving it by using only the highest standards of quality and service towards clients.


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