"Elmap green powered solutions for the wastewater treatment and disposal sector", abbreviated name "Elmap Green" is a project of the Elmap company aimed at increasing the company's competitiveness by modernizing its business processes and developing new green products.

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the "Support for increasing the competitiveness of Croatian SMEs" project, which is funded within the IPA Programme of the European Union for the Republic of Croatia - Regional Competitiveness.

Among almost 1000 entries in the competition, only 53 entrepreneurs have been selected to receive a grant. In this fierce competing, company ELMAP d.o.o. has been approved with founding in the maximum amount of financing (€200,000) for the implementation of the project "Elmap GREEN".

Elmap Green is realized through three components.

The first component is "Project Office Modernization" within which Elmap modernized its office through acquisition and application of the latest software tools for design. In addition, based on the purchased tools, Elmap's own staff developed and implemented unique solutions to automate the preparation of project documentation and purchase process management. The aforementioned automation significantly accelerated drafting and preparation of project documentation, helping to increase competitiveness through greater efficiency and enhancement of output quality of products and services.

The second component of the Elmap Green project is developing solutions for distributed reception of faecal waste, "Elmap Remote Faecal Station System". The main goal is to shorten the transport route of trucks, thereby reducing the cost of transportation, fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The key to the solution is the automation that allows the application of the concept of unmanned low-cost stations for septic reception, which further increases its overall profitability. Through cooperation with the water and sewage company Vodovod i kanalizacija Split, a technical solution is designed for the remote monitoring and management system and two models of control units have been produced, one of which is installed on wastewater treatment plant "Stupe".

The third component of the Elmap Green project is development of the software solution that deals with the problem of plant maintenance, "Elmap Maintenance Management System". The solution is unique because it allows the management of maintenance tasks based on the real data and measurements read directly from the plant, and implements remote monitoring, automatic recording of completed works, as well as issuance of work tasks. Applying the above increases the efficiency of staff, raises the maintenance quality, minimizing the possibility of unforeseen failures and increases the overall reliability of the whole system. As part of the project, installation and implementation of the developed system was performed within the utility company Vodovod, Slavonski Brod.

Through the three mentioned components, the Elmap company successfully implemented all the tasks set out in the Elmap Green project and due to that fact, Elmap managed to increase its competitiveness. Operating efficiency is increased and new possibilities in business are now opened up through developed products and acquired knowledge and experience.

Contact person: Goran Pavlov.

The content is the sole responsibility of Elmap d.o.o., Grljevačka 160, 21312 Podstrana. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund www.strukturnifondovi.hr

More information about the project can be found in the following material:


Potpisivanje projekta

Signing the Project


On 19 June 2013, the contract between Elmap d.o.o., Grljevačka 160, Podstrana and Central Finance and Contracting Agency was signed, marking the official start of the project "Elmap Green Powered Solutions for Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Sector" (abbreviated: Elmap Green).

Sajam voda - Beograd

Exhibition on Water - Belgrade


The company Elmap d.o.o., as a part of the EU project, took part at the 5th International Exhibition on Water in Belgrade. At the exhibition, the company and projects that the company executed were shown, as well as two new products intended for the use in waste water treatment and disposal sector.

Posjet IFAT sajmu u Munchenu

Visit to IFAT Fair in Munich


The company Elmap d.o.o., as a part of the EU project, visited the world's leading trade fair for water, disposal, waste and raw materials management, IFAT 2014, held from 5 to 9 May 2014 in Munich.

Završena prva faza modernizacije projektnog ureda

The finalization of the first phase in the modernization of the company design office


Central EPLAN electric elements database was standardized and expanded with new elements, and the software used to automate the process of preparation of project documentation was developed and integrated.

Prvi modeli RFSS sustava za upravljanje prihvatom septika izašli iz proizvodnje

The first RFSS system models for septic waste reception management came out of the production


Within the Elmap GREEN project, a system for the management of septic waste reception station, which can be applied to standard units inside a waste water treatment plant, as well as in remote unmanned faecal stations, was developed.

Elmap MMS sustav za preventivno održavanje instaliran u Uređaju za pročišćavanje otpadnih voda "Slavonski Brod"

The installation of Elmap MMS System for preventive maintenance in WWTP "Slavonski Brod"


Elmap MMS (Maintenance Management System) is a universal tool for the systematic management of working staff and maintenance activities.

Edukacija osoblja Uređaja za pročišćavanje Stupe za rad sa RFSS sustavom

Waste Water Treatment Plant Stupe staff training program for the operation of RFSS System


On September 5 2014, the training for the proper use of the installed RFSS-CBS System of the Vodovod i Kanalizacija staff was conducted. The system enables making statistical records of waste origin and quality, as well as the discharged amount per user and according to duration.

Održan okrugli stol u Splitu

Round table discussion held in Split


Within the program for the promotion of regional development, "Elmap Green Powered Solutions for Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Sector" (Elmap GREEN) served as an example in the promotion of the concept of distribution and collection of faecal waste.

Posjet SAFU projektnog menadžera

CFCA Project Manager visit


On 18 September, the representatives of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency visited the company to inspect the progress of project implementation. 

Jadranski sajam

Adriatic Fair


Elmap d.o.o., as a part of the EU project, exhibited at the 9th International Water Fair in Budva.

Edukacija lokalnog osoblja i prezentacija Elmap GREEN rješenja - Slavonski Brod

Local staff training and Elmap GREEN Solutions presentation - Slavonski Brod


The company Elmap d.o.o. from Podstrana, has within the promotion of regional development program, through the "Elmap Green Powered Solutions for Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Sector (WWDP Sector)" developed its own software solution for service and maintenance management.

Završetak projekta

Project completion


On 20 October, the project "Elmap Green Powered Solutions for Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Sector (WWDP Sector)" was successfully completed.